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Barrows Training and Education Physical Therapy wants athletes, whether on the playing field 24/7 or playing touch football on weekends, to experience optimal performance while avoiding common sports injuries. Each member of our physical therapy team is active in sports themselves and assists several local high-school athletic programs with their sports therapy needs. This means that they know what to look for in your sports technique, to put you on the high road toward excellent performance, while avoiding missteps that can put you on the sidelines.

With sports physical therapy, Barrows approaches your program with emphasis on prevention, evaluation and treatment of injuries that revolve around sports and exercise.

Our sports physical therapists work with you, your physicians and coach to care for your needs.

An important first step toward pinpointing the potential for injury involves videotaping the athlete in motion. Barrows’ therapists may tape you performing your sports activity, whether it is bike riding, running, walking, ticking or throwing. They will then assess your technique with you frame by frame, to help you understand what might be throwing you off and putting you at risk for sports injury. This is patient education at its best and a valuable tool for athletes who want to continue their journey toward physical excellence.

Our therapists may also perform biomechanical assessments of your hips, knees, and ankles to detect where you place your weight in any given sports activity. If we see a problem such as pronation (foot turning in) or supination (foot turning out), our therapists can fit you for orthotics that will hold your frame correctly and allow you to have a more balanced gait. This alone can help you achieve better sports performance and reduce your vulnerability to injury.

If you are already injured, our therapists will use hands-on manual techniques to help mobilize you to speed healing. This may include gentle range-of-motion exercises and stretching and graduate to strengthening exercises. Barrows uses a system of weights and pulleys to allow this gradual stretching while strength is built. Stretching can help you avoid the tight, stiff feeling that scar tissue can cause in an injury site as well as decrease your risk of reinjury.

If you’re an active person, be proactive in your technique to ensure your form and function are proper for your build, strength and stamina. If you want to avoid sports injuries while improving your game, please as us about Barrows’ sports physical therapy services today.