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At Barrows Training and Education Physical Therapy, we know that rehabilitation is more than relieving pain. It’s about making you stronger and healthier, restoring functionality and improving your life. Our therapists accomplish this by providing leading-edge orthopedic rehabilitation programs for patients with musculoskeletal injuries, reconstructive surgery, joint replacements and spinal disorders. As our patient, you will be given a customized program that is specific to your needs, and our team of therapists will work closely with you throughout the recovery process. Our knowledge and experience are why many area orthopedic surgeons send their patients to Barrows.

Some of the orthopedic conditions we rehabilitate postsurgical include:
• Bone fractures • Joint replacement •Arthritis
• Tendon & ligament repair • Hip replacement
• Knee replacement • Disc injuries
• Scoliosis and other spinal conditions

Our therapists assess your surgical procedure to better understand your treatment and rehabilitation needs, which may include one or several manual therapy techniques such as activity modification, stretching and mobility and exercises to build strength. Our one-on-one approach , with a total focus on you and your needs, can help make the difference in how well you recover from surgery. Please ask any of our specially trained team today about Barrows’ experienced care for orthopedic conditions.