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How you perform your favorite sport can put you at risk for injury. Something as simple as your gait, how you place your foot or where you sit on your bicycle can determine whther you perform your sport comfortably…or not. At Barrows Training and Education Physical Therapy, we offer two powerful approaches to helping you perform better in your favorite sport or activity.


Your Stance and how you move and balance on your feet can affect your entire body. When you are pronating (feet turned inward) or supinating (feet turned outward) even slightly, it can create pain from the top of the spine to the bottom as well as your limbs.

Neck pain and/or headaches when you move
Back and hip pain
Recurrent pain that is not helped by exercise
Lower leg pain that occurs with weight bearing exercises
Heel or foot problems that persist

At Barrows Training and Education Physical Therapy, you will be thoroughly evaluated by a member of our physical therapy team who has advanced training in biomechanical assessment. If it is determined that orthotics can help you, we will recommend a pair to fit your lifestyle. Orthotics can help you with the several common problems, such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain, shin splints and tendonitis, by helping to maintain normal foot position and functionality. Orthotics also decrease the daily stresses that happen to the foot as well as improve shock absorption to prevent injuries.


Barrows is proud to offer Bike Fit, an amazing program that was created to analyze and correct cycling issues such as riding comfort, proper fit and performance. Our physical therapy team is trained to perform a series of tests to pinpoint your cycling strengths and weaknesses.

During your biomechanical evaluation, our therapists will determine how your body moves while cycling, paying particular attention to range of motion, mobility, strength and flexibility. Any strengths or weaknesses that are found are used to ensure a proper fit to your bike. We will then attach your own bike to a special spin scan unit to analyze your ride – this helps us to make corrections to your position and/or equipment. In turn, with a proper bike fit, your riding should become more comfortable, with less risk of injury.

If you’re game, Barrows is here to help you be the best at your sport. Ask us more about our custom orthotics and Bike Fit program.